sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Just... Me - Sólo ... Yo.

El valor no es la auscencia del miedo, sino el miedo junto a la voluntad de seguir " Feliciano Franco.

Well, usually I don't write in English what I feel or things like those.
I am chilean, and I'm a young exchange student !!! I'm very happy for that! Everyday I get better with my English and may write yours!!!

This year I will spend one year in Europe! Wooow... is so far away from here, Chile.
I will live in Holbaek, Denmark! the district 1480 :)

I love the languages, every day I wake up with the best wish into my mind ... The experiencie like a Exchange Student.

I think that everyone can be someone important in their life, you dont know them yet, that idea is sleeping in your mind.
one day I will remember that I was a typical person in the society like the rest, and I thought:
" You can be better, If you can do this you could do anything"

All the people can be better, like you , like me, as all of them ... you should think that the life just is one, enjoy it , but with wisdom and culture enough.

The world is unique, the people too.

"I live in a little world"-.

There I go Denmark -.